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Help for UVM pack in verification

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1. There are 2 types, [uvm_sequence_item]

In which there are some fields in it.


TYPE 1: [7:0]src,[7:0]dest,xtype,[4:0]ytype ,[16:0]a , [16:0]b , [16:0]c , [16:0]d

TYPE 2: [7:0]src,[7:0]dest,xtype,[4:0]ytype ,[16:0]w, [16:0]x , [16:0]y , [16:0]z

I want to pack all the fields in TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 and send it byte by byte,

But when I do run with TYPE 1 I want to transmit only the TYPE 1 fields.

I am confused how to pack these 2 type with different fields in it , though some fields in TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 are same.

I used single uvm_sequence_item, were all the fields are written.

I used pack_bytes() for sending byte by byte,

But I am unable to take only the TYPE 1 fields.

I don’t want the fields of TYPE 2 when I am running with TYPE 1.

Is there any way to do this using UVM.

2. I have a doubt weather we can have more than one sequence_item., if so how to call that sequence_item alone in different classes. I mean monitor,Scoreboard,etc...



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1. It you want to pack a specific set of fields, you'll probably want to set UVM_NOPACK on all fields in the automation macros and implement your own do_pack function which will look at the "type" and choose the appropriate fields and order.

2. You can have multiple subclasses that share a common base class that can be passed to drivers, monitors, scoreboards across TLM ports parameterized to that base class. In general, this means the code will have an if( $cast(subclass_var,base_var) ) to select the appropriate type to operate on or you will have to define virtual functions to have the objects perform those operations themselves. Unless the non-overlapping data is very large, that may not be worth it.

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