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Packer on pack/unpack operation

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Hi All,

I am developing a UVM bench right now, but got a little problem with the use of packer when I do pack/unpack operation. Let me explain my problem below:

For a scenario where there is subclass inside a class, during pack/unpack I notice that the packer of the parent class is shared with the subclass.

As a result the parent class packer information will be overwritten by subclass.

For example, see pseudo code below:

      parent.unpack_bytes begin (bytestream1, packer)

           subclass.unpack_bytes (bytestream2, packer) begin



           ….....(continue with parent other operation which uses packer information i.e: m_packed_size)


In this case, I notice the value of m_packed_size of parent packer is overwritten by subclass m_packed_size. Is there any way not to change the value of m_packed_size? so that I can use the original value of m_packed_size (before it is edited by subclass.unpacked_bytes) at the end of parent class?

Really appreciate your helps.



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Hi Janick,

Thanks for you reply. Using the method that you recommended, the packer properties will not be modified. However, if i use that method, I can not pass the bytestream to be unpack.

So in my case, I am still using obj.unpack_bytes(bytestream, packer) but before i call that function, I keep the old properties of packer (ex:m_packed_size) as temp and set it back at the end.


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