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RgGen: Open source CSR generation tool

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Hi All,

I'm developing an open source CSR generation tool named RgGen.
By using RgGen, you can generate UVM RAL models, RTL, C header files and wiki documents from readable register map specifications.

This is a sample register map specification describing a CSR block for an UART IP.
RgGen can generate source files listed below from this specification.


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Hi Bas,


Did you consider to use the IP-XACT register specification format as input for your generator?

I'm planning to add IP-XACT support.
But I have no experiences using IP-XACT so I'm looking into the specification now.


Any specific reason to use yaml and your own (?) specification format?

I think XML is not readable nor maintainable format for human so I chose the formats below.

  • Ruby with description API
  • Structured text (YAML, JSON, TOML)
  • Spreadsheet (XLSX, ODS, CSV)

Taichi Ishitani

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