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  1. Hi, To avoid this error, you need to access the other word of the register. For example: FOO register (address range 0x00 - 0x07) 1st access: 0x00 In this case, you need to access 0x04 before accessing 0x00 again. If you access 0x00 before accessing 0x04 then you will get "[REG_PREDICT_COLLISION]" error. Regards, Taichi Ishitani
  2. How about printing objection information? For example, list of components locking objection. Regards, Taichi Ishitani
  3. Hi Chris, You mean that uvm_reg_predictor includes a bug, right? Regards, Taichi Ishitani
  4. Hi all, I have a question about behavior of uvm_sequence_base::kill method. In case of virtual (layered) sequence, how should be uvm_sequnce_base::start task invocation of lower layer sequences when uvm_sequece_base::kill method is invoked? Should be finished completely? Can be terminated suddenly? I attached an example code. If start task invocation of lower layer sequences should be finished completely, both of uvm_info within innter_sequence and uvm_info within outer_sequence should be displayed. However, when I executed this sample code with the latest VCS, uv
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