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Sequences obtaining lock and grant when relevancy

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Does anybody have recommendations on how to work around the fact that a wait_for_grant with lock_request can obtain lock before being granted when relevancy is in play?

I am looking to have one sequence (say, sequence 'A') obtain a lock and grant only when relevant, while allowing a separate sequence (say, sequence 'B') to obtain grant in the meantime. Apparently, sequence A can obtain lock but not be granted which chokes out sequence B causing the driver to hang.

From uvm_sequencer_base.sv

// Task: wait_for_grant


// This task issues a request for the specified sequence. If item_priority

// is not specified, then the current sequence priority will be used by the

// arbiter. If a lock_request is made, then the sequencer will issue a lock

// immediately before granting the sequence. (Note that the lock may be

// granted without the sequence being granted if is_relevant is not asserted).


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