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Parameter transfer during module instantiation


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I define a parameter NUM in My_module : static const int NUM = 7;

And this parameter is for port : sc_in< sc_uint<NUM> > a{"a"};

Then i would like to initialize this parameter in module constructor like this:
SC_CTOR(My_module ); My_module (const sc_module_name& name, int NUM): sc_module(name), NUM(NUM) {}

But it doesn't work, because of the error :
error: 'const int My_module::NUM' is a static data member; it can only be initialized at its definition

I also tried to change the signal definition to sc_in<bool> a[NUM]; but can't work either.

Do you have some good advise for this parameter transfer need, pls?

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Hello @songlin941111,

What are you trying to achieve in you implementation?

I see two different interface implementation in your query

1. sc_in of sc_uint with bithwidth set to NUM.

2 hours ago, songlin941111 said:

sc_in< sc_uint<NUM> > a{"a"};

2. sc_in of bool array of size NUM.

2 hours ago, songlin941111 said:

sc_in<bool> a[NUM];

It would be better if you could share the interface design you are looking out for module you are implementing.


Ameya Vikram Singh

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struct My_module : sc_module{
   static const int	NUM = 7;

	sc_in< sc_uint<NUM> >			a{"a"};


	My_module(const sc_module_name& name, int NUM):
		sc_module(name), NUM(NUM)

struct Top : sc_module{

		My_module* mod = new My_module("mode", 7);

Hello Ameya,

The code is as below. In fact, I would like to initialize the parameter NUM when instantiate 'My_module' in 'Top'. The problem is that constructor doesn't accept static parameter, and sc_uint<NUM> accept only static parameter... I appreciate a lot if you have some suggestions.

Best regards,


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You don't seem to be familiar with basic C++ concepts: You pass NUM as template parameter to the type sc_uint, i.e., its value needs to be known at compile time. If you want to pass this parameter when you instantiate your My_module, you'll have to make it a templated struct:

template<int NUM>
struct My_module : public sc_core::sc_module {
  sc_core::sc_in<sc_dt::sc_uint<NUM>> a{"a"};

Your Top module is also unsuitably structured: The My_module pointer mod needs to be a member variable. I wouldn't recommend to use C-style raw pointers, but std::unique_ptr for this purpose to automatically handle deallocation. Note that you need to pass NUM as template parameter like you did it for your port a in the sample code.

I recommend you to first learn properly C++, before exploring more SystemC.

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