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Inter-Module Communication with sc_event and TLM Sockets in SystemC

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Hello, We recently started working with SystemC and TLM. We’ve a question around the inter-process communication/synchronization mechanism used in SystemC. Is it possible for a process in a module to notify an sc_event (or write to a sc_fifo) to another process in a different module that’s not part of the earlier module’s hierarchy (no common parent)? To the little we read so far, we couldn’t see how this would be possible if the sending and receiving processes are in two disparate modules, (here by sending we mean: event-notification or sc_fifo in the SystemC). Similarly, will such cross-module communication be possible using TLM sockets (when the modules don’t share a common parent)?

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Thank you for the provided link; it offered valuable information.

However, the examples presented feature modules that share a common parent. The specific requirement in question involves scenarios where processes exist in separate modules without a shared parent. The query revolves around whether it's feasible for a process in one module to signal an sc_event or write to an sc_fifo intended for another process located in a distinct module, without any hierarchical connection.

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