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uvm_mem_mam currently only supports allocation of <=4G size

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I am trying to use uvm_mem_mam and reserve memory regions in excess of 4G size. As the "request_region" function call prototype declares size as "int", I can only request a max of 4G size. Can this be please enhanced to support >4G sizes?


function uvm_mem_region request_region(
int unsigned n_bytes,
uvm_mem_mam_policy alloc = null,
string fname = "",
int lineno = 0

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This is a known issue tracked in Mantis 7641, but we didn't have a fix available for 2020-2.0.  This issue touches more than just the uvm_mem_mam; various APIs within UVM RAL are arbitrarily tied to 32b sizes.


It's not as simple as converting from "int unsigned" to "longint" or "uvm_integral_t," because the LRM dictates the size of the APIs, and user code could already be extending them.  Hopefully, we can get a safe update in the next release.

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