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Prebuilt binary package of SystemC 2.3.3 in C++17 environment


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We are working on a project which requires use of software package Systemc version 2.3.3. Currently our project builds under the C++17 environment, Conan automatically fetching the “systemc/2.3.3:aa35eaadf0869134463be3bc9aa5f6b2bb913741” binary package which is prebuilt with C++ version 14, because of this we are getting build failures in our project.

what are the conan changes needs to be done to get the systemc 2.3.3 binary which is prebuilt with C++ version 17?

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Actually there is nothing to change in the conan package. You just need to tell conan to use C++17 and it will fetch (or build) the respective package.

The command line oiption to do so is '--settings compiler.cppstd=17'.

If you use cmake to create your build system I highly recommend to use conan version 1.59 and conan.cmake from https://github.com/conan-io/cmake-conan/tree/v0.16.1

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