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Describing interrupt aggregation

Jason H

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Given IP-XACT does not support glue logic, I believe I have exhausted every possible route with busInterfaces and adHocConnections to somehow describe interrupt aggregation. My current plan is to use a very generic "interrupt" busDefinition/abstractionDefinition. I've played with system interfaces and target/initiator (as I've seen examples of both), though the problems are the same regardless.

The fundamental problem is simple: I need to OR some wires together, and there isn't a way to explicitly describe that.

The least annoying workaround I can think of is to define a generic "OR" component that, by convention, is known to represent the OR of all bits of all input ports fed to the single bit output port. It could even contain a channel to make the many-to-one explicit, though that's not the right use of a channel.

Any other recommendations, approaches, or potential workarounds? 

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Hello Jason,
I believe the generic OR component that you suggest is the right approach. I would not use a channel since, as you indicate, that is not the right use. You can use a vendor extension if you want to capture the many-to-one or even the complete glue logic code.
Best regards,

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