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uvm_reg : do_check for read-only register

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In my IPXACT file, I specify a register to be “read-onlyâ€. When I do a read, I do not expect the check function to be turned on, but it did. As a result, my test failed because of the mis-compare.

The uvm_reg.svh has the following source code. How come the “if†statement is checking for “WO†rather than “RO†? How would I specify the “UVM_NO_CHECK†in the IPXACT file ? Should a "RO" register implies "UVM_NO_CHECK" ?

Here's the "do_check" source code from uvm 1.1a

// do_check

function bit uvm_reg::do_check(input uvm_reg_data_t expected,

input uvm_reg_data_t actual,

uvm_reg_map map);

uvm_reg_data_t dc = 0;

foreach(m_fields) begin

string acc = m_fields.get_access(map);

acc = acc.substr(0, 1);

if (m_fields.get_compare() == UVM_NO_CHECK ||

acc == "WO") begin

dc |= ((1 << m_fields.get_n_bits())-1)

<< m_fields.get_lsb_pos();



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function void set_compare( uvm_check_e check = UVM_CHECK )

Sets the compare policy during a mirror update. The field value is checked against its mirror only when both the check argument in uvm_reg_block::mirror, uvm_reg::mirror, or uvm_reg_field::mirror and the compare policy for the field is UVM_CHECK.

The generator should have a vendor extension for this. But some don't so you manually have to set it:

For a field:


For a register:

//this depends on the generator


You have to extend the register file that contains these registers and create a derived class that call super.build(). Does the set_compare and then build();

Your generator may have an XML vendor extension for this.

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