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nVidia's Matchlib

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Hello seniors, 

I am trying to use NVIDIA'S matchlib's components (cmod & LI Channels) for the first time. 

I'm wondering if I can instantiate & run these directly with systemc & C++ ( Visual Studio - Windows OS) as same as other systemc modules? 

If I can avoid HLS tools' intervention, how can I do this? I am not interested in the synthesis for now.

The reason I am interested in this library is its generic nature and HLS-ability.  For now, I am just interested in writing a simulation framework and using it as part of my other work. 


@StuartSwan I hope you could give me some hints regarding this. 



Thank you & Best regards


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Here are some tips on using Matchlib and the examples:

- I recommend using the fully open-source self-contained kit available here:


- Follow the README steps in the top level dir.

- You don't need any HLS tools or any other installs to run the examples.

- The kit has been successfully downloaded and run on many flavors of Linux machines.

- It is easiest probably if you use some version of g++ .

- My personal preference if using windows is to use VirtualBox and an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine. If you do this, you can still download Microsoft VSCode from the Ubuntu repositories.

- Some people have reported successfully using this kit on cygwin on Windows, though a few minor changes to the Makefiles may be needed for locations of system libs.

- Microsoft has something similar to cygwin now in the latest windows (linux shell or something like that), so you can try that too.

- The SystemC simulator includes scripts for building with Visual Studio, but the other code in the kit I don't think has been tested with Visual Studio.


Stuart Swan

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