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SystemC access violation in "sc_process.h" : m_semantics_host_p


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Dear all, 

I have an architecture developed in the open source SystemC 2.34 available in https://forums.accellera.org/ using visual studio.

I have written the test bench for the architecture. when I enlarge the test data without cahnging  code including processes, threads and dimensions of architecture, I reach access violation error in "sc_process.h" in below line"




Please let me know if you have any idea for this problem.


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2 hours ago, rezgar said:

Thanks @Eyck.

I don't think so. The code is the same as I work with smaller test data in the testbench. If it is the problem, why it works for smaller data.

🙂 No one can answer that. It may work for multitude of reasons. A successful execution doesn't mean absence of bugs - however a failure does imply presence of a bug.

You have specified the line in SystemC header that is crashing - but not given more details on your own code. Perhaps you feel the bug is in that place. This is possible, but very improbable. Most likely, as Ecyk said, the issue is with your code.

Unless you can share that, it is not possible to anyone to help.

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