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Sequencer Arbitration

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Can anyone provide any information about the arbitration scheme used in uvm_sequencer_base? It appears that I am getting a deadlock between the sequence/driver handshaking, as start_item is never returning. I was looking through the code and it appears to be blocking in the m_wait_for_arbitration_completed method of uvm_sequencer_base, at

wait(lock_arb_size != m_lock_arb_size );

If anyone has any insight, I would really appreciate it



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I am not using run time phasing. I am working on making my driver reset-tolerant, and do kill the thread that is driving my wires, but I protect the seq_item_port.try_next_item and seq_item_port.item_done calls using a semaphore. Is there anything that gets forked off during these tasks that could get killed?

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