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Field takes value from other field


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The old versions of the IP-XACT standard up to and including IEEE Std 1685-2014 do not support describing register field aliasing. Please contact your EDA vendor to check if they can support it with some vendor extension. The new version IEEE Std 1685-2022 does support it. This version will be published by IEEE within a few weeks. Please see the blue lines in the XML snippet below for an example:

                    <ipxact:shortDescription>Interrupt Enable Clear register.</ipxact:shortDescription>
                    <ipxact:description>Interrupt Enable Clear register. Collection of interrupt enable clear commands affecting the INTENSET register state.</ipxact:description>
                        <ipxact:description>Interrupt enable clear.</ipxact:description>
                            <ipxact:memoryMapRef memoryMapRef="RegisterMap"/>
                            <ipxact:addressBlockRef addressBlockRef="RegisterBlock"/>
                            <ipxact:registerRef registerRef="INTENSET"/>
                            <ipxact:fieldRef fieldRef="FIELD0"/>


The blue lines describe that field INTENCLR.FIELD0 is an alias of field INTENSET.FIELD0. Both fields can have a different access value. If INTENSET.FIELD0 is read-only, then its values can still be modified by writing to INTENCLR.FIELD0.

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