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AddressBlock of memory with description as register of certain page of memory

PRIEUR Gregory

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We have some physical memories on our design, and we use the IPXACT to generate the associated RTL, then we need an addressBlock of type memory, but in order to generate some documentations we would like to describe part of the memory as if they were register. Because certain word at certain address will be use as register.

On a second step, depending of the value of a certain register we would like to change the description of this memory.

For the moment we have been using memoryRemap section, but it is ideal solution.

Any idea for this?



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Hello Gregory,

Please have a look if the concept of virtual registers in 1685-2014 suits your need:


virtual register: A collection of fields, overlaid on top of a memory, usually in an array. The semantics and
layout of virtual registers come from an agreement between the software and hardware. Virtual registers are
modeled in IP-XACT by creating register instances within addressBlocks with usage memory. The child
elements of a virtual register are restricted to a subset of the overall register element.
NOTE—See 6.11.2.

virtual register file: A grouping of virtual registers. A virtual register file is modeled using the registerFile
element in an addressBlock element with usage of memory. The children of virtual register files shall be
NOTE—See 6.11.6.

The memoryRemap concepts seems the correct approach for the second step.

Best regards,

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