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Random stability in uvm_reg

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Since uvm_reg models are built out of uvm_objects, and don't do automatic reseeding using uvm_create_random_seed() when they are created, they seem to be very susceptible to changes in the random seeding structure of the testbench. Ie., adding a thread or component can change the seed for the reg model.

I am using the reg model as a component of my environment, and randomizing it and calling the update() method to initialize my DUT. So any change in the reg model seeding has a pretty drastic effect on my sim.

I can add reseed() calls in the constructors of all of my reg model classes, but that is a pain, especially since they are tool generated in my case.

Can anyone comment on why the uvm_reg stuff is built of uvm_objects instead of uvm_components? Anyone have a different workaround for this problem?

Thanks in advance,


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