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Deferred Port binding


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As per the section 4.1.3 of standard 1666-2011, 


Since a port may be bound to another port that has not yet itself been bound, the implementation may defer the completion of port binding until a later time during elaboration, whereas exports shall be bound immediately. Such deferred port binding shall be completed by the implementation before the callbacks to function end_of_elaboration.

I am looking for example on deferred port binding and how it can be avoided.

Thanks !

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20 minutes ago, SystemCInDepth said:

I am looking for example on deferred port binding and how it can be avoided.

I don't fully understand why you'd want to avoid deferred port binding. Note that when the specification says, "the implementation may defer the completion", "implementation" here refers to the SystemC simulator itself - not the model implementation.

Assume you have a module M that has a port 'p'. It can bind the port to that of a child module (say, in module 'M's constructor). At this point in time, the parent port may not bound to a channel (yet). The paragraph quoted just says that the SystemC simulator should take care of such a situation.


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