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  1. Use of event will work for me. Thank you all for your responses.
  2. Hi All, I want to understand whether we can use wait() inside SC_CTOR() or not. I was just trying to map the initial block of verilog to SC_CTOR. Thanks for help !!
  3. I want some examples to understand this concept well. How direct(usage) and indirect(occurrence) calls are made for async_request_update().
  4. I have read that and thats why I am curious about to know the reason behind this. As Method and thread are allowed to be added to the runnable queue with clock on sensitivity but SC_CTHREAD are excluded having the same clock on sensitivity.
  5. Hi Philipp So, if SC_METHOD or SC_THREADis sensitive to some clock event. It will also be excluded from the initialization phase. Is it ? Thanks !
  6. Hi, I created a dynamic process during the evaluation phase and added dont_initialize() to the process. Now, the process will not be added to the runnable processes queue. But Initialization phase is already over. How this dont_initialize() affects the execution of this dynamic process. What SystemC kernel is doing with dont_initialize() for this process. <OR> Is dont_initialize() just a way to hold addition of the process to the runnable process queue in the same evaluation phase? Thanks !
  7. Hi, I have a very basic question "Why clocked threads are excluded from the initialization phase when processes are added to the runnable queue" ? Thanks !
  8. Hey, I need some clarity on the usage(direct call) and occurrence (indirect call) of async_request_update(). Thanks !
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