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Is stringURIExpression really an Expression?

Jason H

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In IP-XACT Std 1685-2014, the stringURIExpression type is listed along with the other expression types which must be a valid SystemVerilog expression resolving to a string. However, in all example cases I have found (e.g. Leon2), elements which are of this type are unquoted file paths. This means, technically, they are not valid expressions unless they are wrapped in double quotes prior to parsing as a SystemVerilog expression. In addition, there are cases with stringURIExpression types in documents which don't have parameters (ipxactFile/name in a catalog) where an expression type provides no benefit.

Looking for guidance on whether it is safe to treat these elements simply as file paths with optional environment variables, or if this will be clarified in an upcoming revision of the standard.

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Hello Jason,

You are right. This is an issue in IEEE Std. 1685-2014 which has been documented in https://www.accellera.org/images/downloads/standards/ip-xact/IPXACT-2014-issues-Dec-2019.pdf: 


 In the upcoming revision stringURIExpression will be replaced by ipxactURI. We recommend to use unquoted strings in 2014 files as well.

Best regards,


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