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[Q] Register field have not reset field


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Dear All,


I'm trying to understand IP-XACT from https://www.accellera.org/images/downloads/standards/ip-xact/IP-XACT_User_Guide_2018-02-16.pdf.

IP-XACT explains that


And I found reference XML component map from Cadence as the below,



As you can see the above xml tree, reset invoked in ns1:register, But there is no any kind of explanation about reset in register field.

Can I use reset element under register element? If yes, Where can I find that implication?


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There are different versions of the IP-XACT standard. IEEE Std. 1685-2009 has the reset information in the register element while IEEE Std. 1685-2014 has reset information at the register field element. Your Cadence XML fragment does not show a standard IP-XACT namespace. For 1685-2009 the namespace is spirit while for 1685-2014 the namespace is ipxact. So I am not sure against which version of the XML schema the XML fragment has to be validated. It can also be the case, that the namespaces are Cadence specific (vendor expresions). Example 3.43 shows the resets/reset element as sub-element of the field element.

Best regards,

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