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jamal elhaitout

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Hello Jamal,

The externalDeclarations attribute indicates that the include file contains content that is needed by other files:


For instance, I am setting externalDeclarations attribute to true for SystemC header files that define an sc_module. When such modules are instantiated in a SystemC netlist, the SystemC netlist file needs to include those header files because the classes derived from sc_module need to be known. Here is an example:

File ssd_creg_out.h contains:
class ssd_creg_out : public sc_module {
    ssd_creg_out(sc_module_name name);

File ssd_creg_out.xml contains:
        <spirit:isIncludeFile spirit:externalDeclarations="true">true</spirit:isIncludeFile>

IP-XACT design XML file contains:
            <spirit:componentRef spirit:vendor="nxp.com" spirit:library="ssd" spirit:name="ssd_creg_out" spirit:version="1.0"/>

SystemC netlist file contains:
#include "ssd_creg_out.h"  // this include is generated because externalDeclarations is true
class ssd_chip_creg : public sc_module
  // Constructor  
  ssd_chip_creg(sc_module_name module_name): sc_module(module_name)
    u0_creg_out = new ssd_creg_out("u0_creg_out");  // requires ssd_creg_out.h to be included

Best regards,



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