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disabling uvm_info with set_report_id_action

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I'm trying to disable the info message that's displayed in the phase jumping.

I'm doing this:

set_report_id_action("PH_JUMP", UVM_NO_ACTION);

to get rid of this message:

# UVM_INFO /home/njohnson/lib/uvm-1.1a/src/base/uvm_phase.svh(1276) @ 986: reporter [PH_JUMP] phase post_shutdown (schedule uvm_sched, domain uvm) is jumping to phase pre_reset

without any luck. I suspect there's something simple I've got wrong but don't know what it is. Can someone straighten me out?



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The report ID's are local to a component (for some reason). You could use the hier-version of set_report_id_action(), but if you have look at how that works, you may want to override the report server process_report() instead, to filter out the PH_JUMP report. This can be useful for other things as well, for example to format the reports the way you like, get rid of the hierarchical reporting altogether, etc.


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