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Profiling SystemC simulation

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I am running systemC simulation for an soc on Linux and I see over the time simulation slowed down significantly & want to find culprit/s.

I would like to know which profiling tool can be used for systemC simulation which can help me finding thread timings or relevant timing information. Like https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01295282/document


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There are no SystemC specific profiling tools freely available. So either you use tools of well-know EDA vendors or used gprof, valgrind, ptrace, or alike to profile your simulation. Unfortunately they are not aware of sc_threads (or coroutines) so some creativity is needed to interpret the results.

I would also put some emphasis on memory allocation and managment. If the footprint gets larger caches need to be more often flushed and this cost quite some time.

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