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Problem with Register model

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I am having an issue with Regsiter access layer.

I am doing the following in my register read write sequence.

1) Declaring a handle to Register model

reg_model_type handle_rm;

2) Declaring a uvm_reg dynamic array and a couple of data items

uvm_reg temp_access_regs[$];

rand uvm_reg_data_t data;

uvm_reg_data_t ref_data;

3) In body task, i am assigning reg. model to the dynamic array like this


4) Furthur in the sequence, i am writing values to register bank, shuffling registers, reading back the written values and asserting uvm_error if the values dont match.






ref_data = temp_access_regs[j].get();



But the problem i am getting is the get() is returning wrong value. After debugging i found that the mirror values are getting modified with some other register values without me actually writing to them. So the checks are failing. I double checked that i am not doing set or write anywhere else.

Why is this happenning?

Can anybody help me to solve this issue



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