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In constructor ‘tb::tb(sc_core::sc_module_name)’: ./tb.h:18:41: error: no match for call to ‘(sc_core::sc_fifo_in<myStruct_t>) (myStruct_t&)’


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I am getting the error in the title when trying to connect two of my modules in my tb. related SystemC code is as below. 

#ifndef TB_H
#define TB_H

#include "systemc.h"
#include <tx.h>
#include <selector.h>

SC_MODULE (tb) {

    tx                  mytx;
    selector            myselector;
    myStruct_t          ctrl_frame;
    sc_lv<6>            temp_sig;
    SC_CTOR(tb) : mytx("mytx"), myselector("myselector") {
        mytx.i_ctrl    ( ctrl_frame);
        mytx.o_data    ( temp_sig  );
        myselector.out_fifo (ctrl_frame);


Can you please let me know what is the problem?




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In the follwoing linemyselector.out_fifo (ctrl_frame);

 myselector.out_fifo (ctrl_frame);

You are trying to bind ctrl_frame to the sc_fifo_in port. And obviously ctrl_frame is neither a sc_fifo nor implements the sc_fifo_in_if.

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Thanks for your response. 

out_fifo is actually sc_fifo_out as shown below. So cant we pass custom struct to sc_fifo in our out?

Also looks like the issue is not limited to myselector.out_fifo, it is with both ports of mytx as well.


#include "systemc.h"

enum mod {BPSK, QPSK, _8PSK, _16QAM, _32QAM, _64QAM} ;

typedef struct {
    sc_uint<15>   fl_bit;
    sc_uint<10>   in_byte;
    mod           mod_order;
    } myStruct_t;

SC_MODULE (selector) {

    sc_fifo_out <myStruct_t> out_fifo ;
    void random_process();
    SC_CTOR(selector) {

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@HTP: Your member variables ctrl_frame and temp_sig are of type myStruct_t and sc_lv<6>, respectively, which only hold data like ordinary variables. You cannot use such variables as a signal/channel. Only the latter can be bound to ports. Your sc_fifo_out<myStruct_t> out_fifo needs to be bound to a member variable of type sc_fifo<myStruct_t>. That type implement the interface used by the sc_fifo_out<myStruct_t> port and acts as a channel implementing the FIFO behaviour.

You still seem to struggle with the basic concepts of SystemC. Therefore, I recommend you to read a good introduction to SystemC, e.g., David Black et a. "SystemC from the Ground Up", 2nd edition, Springer, 2009 or the SystemC tutorial by Doulos.

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