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uvm_objection_cbs_t :: Not working as recommended !!

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I'm trying to use the recommended callback method in the uvm_objection.svh to display a custom message each time when an objection is raised or dropped. Following is my code:

class objection_cb extends uvm_objection_callback;

function new(string name);

super.new( name );

endfunction : new

virtual function void raised (uvm_objection objection, uvm_object obj, uvm_object source_obj, string description, int count);

$display("%0t: Objection %s: Raised for %s", $time, objection.get_name() obj.get_full_name());

endfunction : raised

virtual function void dropped (uvm_objection objection, uvm_object obj, uvm_object source_obj, string description, int count);

$display("%0t: Objection %s: Dropped for %s", $time, objection.get_name(), obj.get_full_name());

endfunction : dropped

endclass : objection_cb

class mytest extends my_base_test;


objection_cb obj_cb;

virtual function void build();


obj_cb = new("obj_cb");


endfunction : build


endclass : mytest


UVM_WARNING @ 0: reporter [CBUNREG] Callback obj_cb cannot be registered with object (*) because callback type objection_cb is not registered with object type uvm_object

I'm doing it exactly the way its recommended in the LRM but still it does not work. Am I missing something here?



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I would guess my_objection_cbs_t should be uvm_objection_cbs_t.


Hi Erling,

Sorry for the typo in my code it is uvm_objection_cbs_t::add(null,obj_cb);

But it seems some registration is missing in the base class uvm_objections.svh



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It seems the uvm_objection does not have callback support. Callbacks works with the uvm_callbacks_objection, which is derived from uvm_objection. Thus it seems hard to have the phase objections behave the way you want, since they are hardcoded as plain objections (for some reason).


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I think someone should remove that example & recommendation from the uvm_objections.svh. For now I get around that by using the following code to control this procedurally through the test case rather than using the +ARG option [which is needed when I want to compile all the test cases in a single image & have this option for only certain test cases]. But its not a clean way of doing it.

virtual task main_phase( uvm_phase phase );



endtask : main_phase


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