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How to fix 'undefined symbol: ... sc_dt::sc_fxnum::to_string[abi:cxx11]' ?


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I build libsystemc.a (version 2.3.3) using the following CMake configuration on Centos 7 using gcc 7.3.1:


When I link to my C++ application on Centos 7 it links and runs fine.

But when I link to the same libsystemc.a on Ubuntu 18.04 (which uses g++ 7.4.0) I get runtime link error:

    undefined symbol: _ZNK5sc_dt8sc_fxnum9to_stringB5cxx11ENS_9sc_numrepE ( sc_dt::sc_fxnum::to_string[abi:cxx11](sc_dt::sc_numrep) const )

Now in both cases the app is built with C++14 enabled. And I know that libsystemc.a uses C++14:

nm -C <snip>/SystemC/rel-2.3.3/x64-linux/_release/libsystemc.a | grep sc_api_version
0000000000000850 T sc_core::sc_api_version_2_3_3_cxx201402L<&sc_core::SC_DISABLE_VIRTUAL_BIND_UNDEFINED_>::sc_api_version_2_3_3_cxx201402L(sc_core::sc_writer_policy)

So I don't know why the undefined symbol indicates '[abi:cxx11]'.

Any idea why this is happening please?

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You need to built the SystemC lib on ubuntu. With the introduction of small string optimization in C++11 gcc decided to move this into a different (inline) namespace (it is called DualABI). The use of of this can be configured at build time of gcc. Basically this is a decision of the distribution and may differ even if the version is the same.

You may try to compile your SystemC code with '-D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0' or '-D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=1'. See also


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