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Bind a vector of sc_signal<bool> with an sc_signal<sc_uint<4> >


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I'm trying to understand if there's the chance of bind a vector of 4 sc_signal<bool> with an sc_signal<sc_uint<4> >

I have a Ripple Carry Adder composed of 4 1-bit Full Adder. I create and bind my RIpple Carry Adder with the below code

sc_vector<sc_signal<bool> > Gen_1;
sc_vector<sc_signal<bool> > Gen_2;
sc_signal<bool > Cin;
sc_vector<sc_signal<bool> > Out;
sc_signal<bool> Cout;

Where Gen_1 and Gen_2 are the input signals, Cin and Cout are the carry IN and OUT and Out is the output signal

I bind the ports with the following method

sc_vector<sc_out<bool> >::iterator itout; 
sc_vector<sc_in<bool> >::iterator itin;

itin = fulladd_0.FirstNum(Gen_1);
itin = fulladd_0.SecondNum(Gen_2);
itout = fulladd_0.AddOut.bind(Out);

Where FIrstNum, SecondNum and AddOut are

 sc_vector<sc_in<bool> > FirstNum;
 sc_vector<sc_in<bool> > SecondNum;
 sc_vector<sc_out<bool> > AddOut;

In the RippleCArryAdder.h

Now, I have a module which has an input port in the form of

sc_signal<sc_uint<4> > ALUout;

Is there a way to bind Out with ALUout for example?

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