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Possible minor bug in uvm_config_db

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I put this, which admittedly has a mistake, in my agent (build_phase):

if (uvm_config_db #(bit)::get( this, "", "expected_read_delay", m_monitor.expected_read_delay))

$display("\n%s FOUND value %b for 'expected_read_delay' in UVM_CONFIG_DB\n",

get_full_name(), m_monitor.expected_read_delay);

MY MISTAKE was that "expected_read_delay" is an int, not a bit.

The "expected_read_delay" had a good default value, so I had not "set" anything in the uvm_config_db to try and override it. HOWEVER, the UVM system:

1) DID override my default value (to 0), and

2) Did so WITHOUT printing out my "FOUND value" message

Once I switched to properly looking in uvm_config_db#(int), the UVM system started leaving my default value alone, as it should.

This was on UVM-1.1 (11.10-p001)... not MUCH of a bug, but I thought that was kind of a mean trick to play, in response to my pilot error.

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The argument to get() is defined as an inout. Because the argument was only a bit, when it copied the value back out (unmodified by UVM), the value of your variable was lost (except the lower-order bit). If the argument had been defined as "ref" instead, then you would have seen a compile error from the type mismatch, but then only exactly matching types could be used for the argument.

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