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Need for m_check_relationship function in connect() method of uvm_port_base

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Hi all , 

The m_check_relationship function checks the following :: 

That the connection is between ports that are hierarchically adjacent (up or down one level max, or are siblings),
 and check for legal direction, requirer.connect(provider) . 

In case of a violation we return 0 ( with a warning ) else we return 1 .  But we always use a void cast while calling m_check_relationship function .

Even if I get a warning I see that the transaction does transfer .

Eg :: For put_port( txn )  called from component will invoke the put_imp connected to the port ( with a warning ) .

I tried it with uvm 1.1d as well as 1.2 , but I still see a warning with the transaction transfer . 

Is the function meant for future versions to give an error ? 



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