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sc_fifo data_read_event


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Here is how it is specified by standard:


virtual const sc_event& data_read_event() const;

Member function data_read_event shall return a reference to an event, the data-read event, that is notified in the delta notification phase that occurs at the end of the delta cycle in which a value is read from the fifo.

So it notified after each delta cycle where fifo was read. Can it be that your receiver does nb_read from empty fifo?

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I'm actually using read(), rather than nb_read(). Given the specification you posted, it seems like something unexpected is happening. I can see the fifo is getting read (I put a log statement in after the read() call), but I don't see the thread that is waiting on data_read_event getting woken up (I put a log statement there, too).

The thread that is waiting on data_read_event does eventually get woken up when the last item is read off the fifo.

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