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sc_event not working but sc_fifo does


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Hi all,

I have a project which has a many modules. In one of the modules there is a producer and a consumer. I synced them using an event.





This seems to be not working.

Now I tried using sc_fifo

sc_fifo<int> notifyFifo(1)





dummy = notifyFifo->read()


This is working.


I also tried putting wait after signal in producer and commenting out the consumer wait




This also does not work. As the producer is getting stuck in wait. Verified by inserting print statements.

Did anyone face a similar issue?



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Please note that event notification will be lost if no one is waiting for it.  This may be your case:

Option 1:  Consumer starts and suspends on wait(), Producer starts, notifies event, resumes consumer.

Option 2:  Producer starts, notifies event, event notification does nothing since no one is waiting for it.

So maybe sc_fifo is what you really need. 

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