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End of test in UVM-1.2

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How are you doing end of test with UVM1.2 ?  

Setting up drain time (as shown below) used to work find till UVM1.1d as uvm run phase will get it's phase_done assigned to uvm_test_done, but that logic seems to be removed from uvm_phase.svh in uvm-1.2.


class test_drain_time extends test;
  virtual function void end_of_elaboration_phase(uvm_phase phase);
    uvm_phase run_phase = uvm_run_phase::get();
    run_phase.phase_done.set_drain_time(this, 16 * 2);

  // ...

Even using another approach mentioned in the same blog about using objection doesn't work anymore as phase_done for run_phase is not allocated and I see following error when it tries to raise/drop objections.

uvm_test_top.m_env.m_scoreboard' attempted to drop an objection on 'run', however 'run' is not a task-based phase node!  (This is a UVM_PHASE_IMP, you have to query the schedule to find the UVM_PHASE_NODE)

  virtual function void write_north(amiq_apb_pkg::amiq_apb_mon_item item);
    uvm_phase run_phase;

    if (num_seen_north_items % 2 == 1)

    run_phase = uvm_run_phase::get();
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