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Using +uvm_set_verbosity

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I'm looking at using the +uvm_set_verbosity switch to enable UVM_HIGH messages in certain components. In my environment, I can use this to turn on the messages I want to see

uvm_top.set_report_id_verbosity ("ai_ral_adapter", UVM_HIGH);

But this requires a recompile, of course. What would be the equivalent +uvm_set_verbosity incantation? The reference document says this

+uvm_set_verbosity=<comp>,<id>,<verbosity>,<phase> and


and this example

<sim command> +uvm_set_verbosity=uvm_test_top.env0.agent1.*,_ALL_,UVM_FULL,time,800

I've tried these and some others without success.



or can I not control verbosity on messages in an object that's not a uvm_component?


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Okay, related then, I'm trying to get a message from an object that is a uvm_component and can't get there either. I have this message which is defined as a UVM_MEDIUM, so it comes out normally since the default is UVM_MEDIUM

UVM_INFO @ 0.000 ns: uvm_test_top.test_env.AI_agent [ai_agent_master_c] Building agent with bus size: 32

Then I duplicated that line and changed the value from 32 just to recognize it and change its verbosity to UVM_HIGH and moved it to end_of_evaluation_phase. I thought this would make it come out


I can make it come out by adding this to a previous phase in my test_base which builds test_env which builds AI_agent


How can I get that message to come out using a plusarg? Besides +UVM_VERBOSITY which works but is a little overkill


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Interesting, I thought I'd try something wild that turned out to work for my second example to turn on messages in the component. I left off _phase making it this which works


This still leaves me with the problem of turning on the message from my ral_adapter which is not a component ...


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