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d flipflop output


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I have came back to system c after 6 months, again.

I was trying to solve different basic examples of system c.

The code is getting compiled,but i am not able to view the desired output.

My output is not at all changing,i am not sure whether my function is getting hit or not.

Please have a look at the code below and any help would b appreciated.


In code,i have added stimulus first and then  monitor to check wheteher my function was getting invoked.Again ,in main file also i passed the input.

But from ,nowhere i am getting the output. Please help! 



Ps:Not only this example,the other examples such as combinational circuits,encoders,decoders.

I am facing the same issue with respect to all of them.There must be a common mistake which i am repeating.


Thanks & regards,


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Hi deepti,

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried the other examples also,but tats the commmon issue iam facing of not getting output.

By infinite loop, you mean to say i need to put sc_start(-1) which in turn makes my thread to run forever.

As far as my problem is concerned,even for combinational circuits if iam using sc_method ,i am not getting the desired output.


Update:-Started writing the fresh code and  i am getting some ouput now.Some issues are there with respect to timing,but i think it can be resolved. 





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Got the output
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No, you need to have loop with the function registered as SC_THREAD. For your code, it will be:


  void d_operation()
    { while(1){
        if (reset.read()==1)
        d_out = 0;
    //    std::cout << "reset= " << reset << "...din=  " << d_in << ".....d_out" << d_out << std::endl;
        //    wait(1, SC_NS);
        //    std::cout << "reset= " << reset << "...din=  " << d_in << ".....d_out" << d_out << std::endl;


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