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Read in customized structs

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I had a struct defined as 

struct pixel {
	sc_uint<8> r;
	sc_uint<8> g;
	sc_uint<8> b;

Then I try to pass actual pixel values to the ports, defined as pixel data type in main.cpp


sc_signal<pixel> p1;
sc_signal<pixel> p2;

p1.write(pixel(1, 2, 3));
p2.write(pixel(4, 5, 6));

But it seems p1.write() and p2.write() didn't initialize p1 and p2 correctly as I still see they don't have the expected pixel values (1,2,3) and (4,5,6). Do I need to use sc_interface to pass this customized data type around?


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That's a quick response. Thanks.

p1 and p2 are in an SC_METHOD process so I didn't put in clocks. I checked their contents by printing out their struct values. Could "the next delta cycle" mean a wait()? 


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Well, if this is in the same method then you won't see the update as there is not delta cylce in between. You would see it if you put it in a SC_THREAD and put a wait(SC_ZERO_TIME); between the write() and the read() of p1 and p2

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