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A SystemC installl problem on Ubuntu

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I made a new installation on Ubuntu 18.04, and followed instructions in


Apparently it worked fine, but at the last step it gave the error message

$ g++ -I. -I$SYSTEMC_HOME/include -L. -L$SYSTEMC_HOME/lib-linux64 -Wl,-rpath=$SYSTEMC_HOME/lib-linux64 -o hello Hello.cpp -lsystemc -lm
In file included from Hello.cpp:1:0:
/usr/local/systemc-2.3.1//include/systemc.h:120:16: error: ‘std::gets’ has not been declared
     using std::gets;

Is there an error in my install? (SystemC install seemed to run without error message)


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This issue has been fixed in the SystemC 2.3.2 release available from the Accellera website. The function std::gets was definitely removed in the C'11 standard and deprecated in the C++'11 standard so that recent compilers do not provide it anymore as its semantics constitutes a security risk due to buffer overflows.

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