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Fixed point and quantization mode


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Hi all,

I'm using the SystemC fixed point type (sc_fixed) in one of the modules in my project. This module has to cope with some complex operation ( mainly multiplications and divisions). As you know, when a sc_fixed variable is instantiated I can choose what type of quantization I want among the several available. I've seen that the SC_RND is the one that gives me the better result compared with the same arithmetic but implemented in pure C++ (floating point). I guess that from an hardware point of view the SC_RND is more complicated to implement and slower than for example a SC_TRN. Does anyone knows how big is the drop in terms of timing closure ? Or does anyone know how each quantization mode is implemented in hardware ? I can figure out how the SC_TRN and SC_TRN_ZERO are implemented, but the others are a mistery. Thanks for any reply.



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