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sc_bitref usage


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Hi all,


I've a problem pretty stupid I guess. I have this piece of code that doesn't compile at all. I guess the documentation I'm reading is old and something has changed in the SystemC library because this code comes from the documentation:

sc_logic mybit;
sc_uint<8> myint;
mybit = myint[7];

This is what I get:

fde.cpp: In member function ‘void fde::cir_elab()’:
fde.cpp:42:11: error: ambiguous overload for ‘operator=’ (operand types are ‘sc_dt::sc_logic’ and ‘sc_dt::sc_uint_bitref’)
     mybit = myint[7];


I guess I have to do some typecasting but I'm still not really skilled with C++. I've seen I need to use the sc_bitref class, not clear how. Does someone know how to fix this ?





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