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Passing Arguments in the process in SystemC


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void Wcache0::getAddrForSingleWeight(const channel_t co, kernel_t kernel_1,
	                                 const weightaddr_t ci_offset,
	                                 PEID_t &PEID, blockID_t &blockID,
	                                 rowID_t &rowID,
	                                  weightID_t &weightID) 


Hi,  Can we pass arguments inside the process in SystemC. If Yes then how we have to register the process in the constructor? Thanks . Below is the MODULE Wcache0  and I am trying to write getAddrForSingleWeight process which will be called inside another process which is register as SC_THREAD.

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You can use sc_bind() for this purpose, which is described in clause 5.5.6 of IEEE Std 1666-2011. Though, you might need to use sc_spawn instead of SC_THREAD to register your process with the SystemC kernel. If your compiler supports C++'11, you can also use a Lambda function instead of sc_bind(). Cf. to the Doulos white paper "What C++11 means to SystemC?" by David C. Black for details.

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I am using Visual Studio for Desktop 2013 Version Which I think do not support GCC compiler. C++11 I think cannot be installed on Windows version.  I have to use sc_spawn to register the process now. Can You please give me some good tutorial about how to use sc_spawn for registering the process. I am searching on web but did not got the good tutorial so far. Thanks

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