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how to check the set_type_overide is right


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I had created 2 classes like following:

class a;

class b extends a;

I'm using


to do the type override.

However, I found it didn't work. I added the post_randomize and some display information in the class b. But it never display anything.


I use the factory.print(), it show the following:

Type Overrides:

Requested Type Override Type

----------------------- ------------------------------------------

a b

Does anyone know this problem?

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This is just a guess, so I haven't checked it...

Firstly both a and b must be registered with the factory for the factory t be able to print it, and secondly the field which is to be overidden must also be registered with the factory.

So say you wanted to override component a with component b in the enviromnent env.

component a must include : `uvm_component_<param>_utils (a)

component b must include : `uvm_component_<param>_utils (B)

Environment must include :



`uvm_field_object(inst_a, UVM_DEFAULT)



I think this will work.

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