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uvm_object::set_int_local for static integer array

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In a transaction sub-class we have a simple integer array like int my_data[2]; Then we can declare the field automation like `uvm_field_sarray_int(my_data, UVM_ALL_ON).

If we call set_int_local("my_data", 'h0123456789abcdef) on that class object, we get nothing into the my_data array. 

After going through the class reference manual we can't see the expected result of this function call. And checking the body of the `uvm_field_sarray_int macro, I think the UVM_SETINT case branch appears very strange. 


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Here my code:


package pkg;
import uvm_pkg::*;
`include "uvm_macros.svh"
`define rob_field_sarray_int(ARG, FLAG) \
  `uvm_field_sarray_int(ARG, FLAG) \
  begin \
    case (what__) \
      UVM_SETINT: \
        begin \
          __m_uvm_status_container.scope.set_arg(`"ARG`"); \
          if(uvm_is_match(str__, __m_uvm_status_container.scope.get())) begin \
            if((FLAG)&UVM_READONLY) begin \
              uvm_report_warning("RDONLY", $sformatf("Readonly argument match %s is ignored",  \
                 __m_uvm_status_container.get_full_scope_arg()), UVM_NONE); \
            end else begin \
              ARG = { << $bits(ARG[0]) {$bits(ARG)'(uvm_object::__m_uvm_status_container.bitstream)} }; \
              __m_uvm_status_container.status = 1; \
            end \
          end \
        end \
    endcase \
class set_int_local_class extends uvm_pkg::uvm_object;
    int data[2];
        `rob_field_sarray_int(data, UVM_ALL_ON)
    function new(string name = "set_int_local_class");
        $display("$bits(data) = %0d", $bits(data));
    endfunction: new
endclass: set_int_local_class
module test;
pkg::set_int_local_classmy_inst = new;
initial begin
    longint unsigned data_val = 'h1234_5678_9abc_def0;
    my_inst.set_int_local("data", data_val);

The appended UVM_SETINT branch in rob_field_sarray_int macro is what I would like to have.

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