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Issue with testbench using UVM code generator


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Hello All,

I am working on SystemC-UVM based testbench.
I have created UVM based testbench using UVM code generator.
Here I am using three different agents in UVM generator which I have defined as a part of the configuration file which was further being provided to UVM code generator to generate test bench skeleton.

And here, in of the agent driver, the code snippet is as:

        // Drive the inputs of the DUT
        UVM_INFO(this->name(),"Driving transaction:",0);
        // TODO put your code here

But when I try to read the value in my test-case, then I see an error as:


UVM_INFO uvm_tlm_agent/tlm_agent_driver.h(76) @ 3 us: reporter [top_test_base.m_top_env.m_env_tlm_agent.m_agent.m_driver] Driving transaction:
Error: (E403) conversion failed: character string is zero



And this error is observed inside print() function, once I comment the line "req.print()" from the above snippet the error is no more observed and my test-case runs fine.

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