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How to specify 'sensitive' using the alternative style in normal constructor?


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I am using the alternative style offered in book SCFTGU. In the .cpp file, I am using a normal contructor.


compiles OK,   the


ditto, but next to it
        sensitive << in;

is refused with error message 'invalid static cast'. I guess that somehow the SC_CTOR() call is missing.

What is the correct syntax?


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Here goes the code:

#ifndef scMWE_h
#define scMWE_h
#include <systemc>
#include <iostream>

    scMWE(sc_core::sc_module_name nm);
    void WritePseudo(int A );
    sc_core::sc_fifo_in<int> in[4];


#include "scMWE.h"

scMWE::scMWE(sc_core::sc_module_name nm)
: sc_core::sc_module(nm)
//        sensitive << in;

void scMWE::
WritePseudo(int A)
    std::cout << "MWE:A" <<  A << std::endl;


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Third point: You're using a C-style array of ports, which won't work either.
You should use an sc_vector (to name your ports) and use a loop to add the sensitivity (if you want to be sensitive to all ports in the vector):

// change member 
sc_core::sc_vector< sc_core::sc_fifo_in<int> > in;

// constructor

scMWE::scMWE(sc_core::sc_module_name nm)
  : sc_core::sc_module(nm)
  , in("in", 4) // initialize vector 
       for( auto& in_x : in ) // or a plain loop over the elements, if you don't have C++11
          sensitive << in_x.data_written();


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Hm, I am starting to be proud of my ability to hide so many mistakes in a short MWE. :)

What is the reason that the compiler claims "invalid static_cast" rather than wrong signature?

(the rest of mistakes is just a consequence of the first unfixed one)


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