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Searchable FIFO


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Is there a searchable FIFO implementation around?

I mean: my Producers send their product to the FIFO of the Consumer when they like. The Consumer, however, might have a preference: may want to consume products of certain Producers first, independently of their position in the FIFO.



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Hello @katang,

I have just taken cursory look into it, I think you are confusing the sc_fifo implementation which is just a communication abstraction for use in SystemC.

What I think you are looking at is a module based communication model.

Have a look here for hierarchical channels: https://www.doulos.com/knowhow/systemc/tutorial/hierarchical_channels/

Let me know if this helps you.


Ameya Vikram Singh

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Hello AmeyaVS,

maybe you are right that if I replace FIFO with LIFO in the hierarchical channels, than I will be closer to the solution, but searching with a key the actual contents of a FIFO, and taking out the found element out-of-order, still remains my task., and that was I was looking for.


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