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What is the scope of dont_initialize()?


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From the docs, it is not quite clear if the scope of dont_initialize() is ALL unspawned processes, or just the ones already created when invoking dont_initialize().

"dont_initialize shall only be called in the body of the constructor ... only after having created an unspawned process instance within that same constructor or callback" From this sentence I guess that processes created *before* invoking  dont_initialize() will not be executed in the constructor, but the ones *after* invoking will be executed. Am I right?


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Hello @katang,

I have read somewhere that the dont_initialize() will be acknowledged with the last registered process is the SystemC kernel.(I will try to update once I find the reference for it.)

In the mean-time you can see these resources for various discussion about processes in SystemC kernel which might provide you with some information you are looking for:


or here for some discussion:




Ameya Vikram Singh

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Ameya is right.

See SystemC LRM (ieee1666) Section 5.2.15: 

[...] it is associated with the most recently created process instance [...]

I.e.: ONE process created most recently before calling dont_initialize is not execute.

BTW: No process is executed in the constructor. But all processes, that are not marked as dont_initialize, are evaluated once at simulation start.




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