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Possible to use same Driver/Monitor code for multiple unique interfaces?

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I have a DUT which will require multiple BFMs to handle the pin-wiggling of different sets of pins of the DUT. What I am wondering is whether it is possible to write just one driver class (monitor may be a different story), but then instantiate it for each of the BFMs. I have explored the technique of Polymorphic Interfaces to allow Drivers to hold a handle to the base abstract class for which each BFM interface will instantiate a "concrete" class inheriting from the abstract class in order to be type compatible. The uvm_config_db could be used to help each Driver "get" their respective "config", which will be set properly by the environment so that each Driver is talking with a different interface, but the same Driver code can be used for each instance of the agent. 
The goal of all of this is to make the agent/driver/monitor "generic" enough so that I don't have to write a new agent/driver/monitor class for each BFM. 
Assuming I can get the handle of the BFM to the Driver, then the only other problem to reconcile is how to send transactions. I could make every transaction (to all of the interfaces) a child of a parent "sequence_item" class so that the method could take in an entire Transaction of type "sequence_item" and then have each BFM cast the transaction to their child-type of sequence_item, but I don't know if BFMs are supposed to have the scope of sequence_items... In my case I would need the Driver to call the send_op() command and have each BFM override that command to process the incoming signals appropriately for their respective interface.
Is any of this possible?
I apologize if I have confused terms, please let me know if I can clarify what I mean on any of this.
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