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Error: (E100) port specified outside of module


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Hi all,

I have a problem with my project

Error: (E100) port specified outside of module: port 'RXDi' (sc_port_base)
In file: ..\..\src\sysc\communication\sc_port.cpp:231 

this is my codes

#include "SCI.h"
#include "conio.h"

int sc_main(int argc,char* argv[])
	SCI SCI_01("SCI_01");

	sc_signal<sc_bv<8>> RXDi;


	SCI_01.SCI_setting("asynchronous", "external_clock", "7-bit", "parity", "even", "two_stopbit", "1/1", "MSB");


	return 0;
#include "SCI_function.h"

class SCI: public SCI_func
	sc_in<sc_bv<8>> RXDi;
	//sc_out<sc_bv<8>> TXDi;
	//sc_inout<sc_bv<1>> SCKi;

	sc_event recei_done;

	//sc_bv<8> recei_temp;

	SC_CTOR(SCI): RXDi("RXDi"), SCI_func("sci_func")
		cout << "in constructor of " << name() << endl;
		//SCI_setting("asynchronous", "external_clock", "7-bit", "parity", "even", "two_stopbit", "1/1", "MSB");
		//SCI_setting("synchronous", "external_clock", "1/4", "LSB", "polarity", "delay_clock");

		//sensitive << recei_data;

		sensitive << RXDi;

	void SCI_trans_synchronous();
	void SCI_recei_synchronous();

void SCI::SCI_trans_synchronous()
	cout << "OK!!!!";

void SCI::SCI_recei_synchronous()
	//processing data receive

	if(reg_SCiSR->read_bit<1>("TBEF") == 1)


the SCI_func class  inherit from SCI_reg class, SCI_reg class inherit from sc_module class


thanks all,


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Hi VanTeo,


to me, the following line looks suspicious:

SC_CTOR(SCI): RXDi("RXDi"), SCI_func("sci_func")


You said, SCI_func inherits from sc_module, but you pass in a string constant to its constructor from the derived SCI class.  This will disrupt the SystemC object hierarchy, as the corresponding sc_module_name argument will be destroyed too early.


If you want to use the SC_CTOR macro, you should add a protected default constructor to the SCI_func base class, allowing to take the name from the current top of the naming stack.  See IEEE 1666-2011, section 5.3.3 for more details about passing sc_module_name arguments through the inheritance hierarchy.


Hope that helps,


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what is wrong with my code ??? i get this error 
 (E100) port specified outside of module: port 'sca_lsf_out_0' (sc_port_base)

#include "systemc.h"
#include "systemc-ams.h"

    // port declaration
    sca_lsf::sca_out y;
    // child module declaration
    sca_lsf::sca_source src;

        : y("y"),
        src("src", 0.0, 0.0, 1.0e-3, 1.0e3) // 1 kHz sinusoidal source with an amplitude of 1e-3
        src.set_timestep(0.5, sc_core::SC_MS); // set module timestep of source to 0.5 ms



#include "systemc.h"
#include "systemc-ams.h"
#include "sin.h"

// sc_main in top level function like in C++ main
int sc_main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
     sca_lsf::sca_out y;

    my_lsf_source my_lsf_source("my_lsf_source");
    sca_util::sca_trace_file* tf = sca_util::sca_create_tabular_trace_file("trace.dat");
    //sca_util::sca_trace(tf, y, "y");    
    sca_util::sca_write_comment(tf, "user-defined comments");

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