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  1. Sorry Philipp, because I'm a beginer so I understand your mind clearly. When I remove SCI_func("sci_func"), it's error error C2512: 'SCI_func' : no appropriate default constructor available Thanks, VanTeo
  2. Hi all, I have a problem with my project Error: (E100) port specified outside of module: port 'RXDi' (sc_port_base) In file: ..\..\src\sysc\communication\sc_port.cpp:231 this is my codes #include "SCI.h" #include "conio.h" int sc_main(int argc,char* argv[]) { SCI SCI_01("SCI_01"); sc_signal<sc_bv<8>> RXDi; SCI_01.RXDi(RXDi); SCI_01.SCI_setting("asynchronous", "external_clock", "7-bit", "parity", "even", "two_stopbit", "1/1", "MSB"); SCI_01.SCI_BitRate(32); //RXDi.write("00000000"); sc_start(); //sc_stop(); getch(); return 0; } #include "SCI_function.h" clas
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